Comparing Baccarat Across Software

Baccarat is a popular casino offering that can be found in at least one variation in all online casinos. A closer look at the different baccarat software options further reveals the pros and cons of each.


Microgaming has two versions of baccarat software. High Limit Baccarat has a minimum wager of only $1 and is played with eight decks. It offers a comprehensive history view box, animated dealing and four game speeds. Microgaming's other baccarat option has a minimum wager of $10 and is played with only one deck.

Vegas Technology

The baccarat game offered by Vegas Technology has a minimum wager of $5. This game is a good choice for players who want excellent speed, as you can turn off flashy animation for a faster game. This version of baccarat shows the outcome of each hand but does not log a full game history.

Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming's baccarat software is best suited to high rollers, as the minimum wager is $10. This game offers two game speed options, both with animated dealing. This game has a high tie bet of 9 to 1, while other games offer an 8 to 1 tie bet. This baccarat game does not track any of the player's history.


Cryptologic's baccarat game has a minimum wager of $2. However, the software will automatically increase lower bets to meet the minimum, without alerting the player. The player's betting history is neatly displayed in the form of a cumulative tally. Multiplayer baccarat is available with this game as well.

As with any popular game, from slots to poker, you will find a wide variety of online casino offerings. Armed with a little knowledge, you can easily find the best baccarat option for you.