Downloadable Casino Games - Are They Better?

Players who visit online casinos with the intention of playing their favorite games are usually given two options: downloadable or instant-play games. Though each of these has its own set of benefits, this document will explore downloadable casino games and whether or not they are better.

Graphics and Sounds

Instant-play software relies on several things when it comes to quality. Though Java and Flash have certainly gotten better over the years, they simply cannot compare with the abilities of PCs that have the games stored on their hard drives. Also, when players choose instant-play games, they are often reliant on the speed of their internet connection for quality. With downloadable games, this is not such an issue.

Larger Variety

When a player chooses to download casino software, they are presented with a program that lists every single game the casino has to offer. As they select games, they are individually downloaded from the host. This way, games the player does not play are not taking up space on the hard drive. On the other hand, many casinos do not offer the same variety of games in instant-play platforms due to the sheer cost associated with hosting them.

User Options

Though instant-play games allow players to set volume levels and perhaps tweak a few other settings related to gameplay, the user options associated with downloadable games are amazing. Here, players can use auto-play features, change the colors of the game tables, choose their own customizable avatars and even choose whether or not to have music. One of the most popular user options that is only available in downloadable software is the ability to turn tutorials on or off as desired.

Online casinos certainly have a lot to offer players these days, but it is unarguable that if players want the best experience possible, they should download the casino's suite of games instead of simply playing in their browsers.