Finding Genuine and Respectable Casinos

With the popularity of online gambling on the rise, it is almost inevitable that there will be those willing to take advantage of the millions of eager players. Scam casinos are, sadly, not uncommon, and players who want to keep their money safe and their gambling legitimate must be careful when signing up to play. It is possible, though, to find genuine and respectable casinos online, if players know what to look for.


Every genuine and respectable casino is required to receive a license from its operational jurisdiction. That means, the casino must register their games and have them certified by the gaming commission in the country where the casino's home office is located. The casino then has their games reviewed and approved each year and posts their certification on their website. If a casino fails to do this, then players know that the casino is operating illegally.

Fair Games

One of the things that online gaming commissions test for is the fairness and legitimacy of the games a casino offers. These games must use random number generators that ensure the games are completely unbiased and fair. The games are put through rigorous tests and any discrepancies can cause a casino to lose their license. Players who are concerned about playing online can confirm the results of these tests by checking out the websites of any online lottery or gaming board.

Online players should always make sure that the casino they are playing at is properly licensed and operating within the bounds of the law and decency. If they don't take the time to verify that their casino is fair and respectable, players are gambling with their personal and financial security.