Solitaire Arcade Game TriTowers Review

The solitaire arcade game TriTowers takes the traditional TriTowers/TriPeaks game and mixes it with a timer to make it more like an arcade game. The game features unique animations, online rankings, and more.

The rules for TriTower solitaire are fairly simple. It's played like golf solitaire. Players need to make runs of three. For example, a run of 8, 9, 10 would clear those cards. Unlike some games, players are allowed to do runs of 2, Ace, King. When a run is complete, those cards disappear and the cards beneath them are revealed.

What is it about this version of TriTowers that makes it different than any other? First, the online rankings are actually tracked live as players progress through the different levels. The high scores are handled via Open Feint, which also lets players unlock almost 50 different achievements. These include everything from achieving certain ranks and scores to winning a game with a specific number of cards still in the deck.

This version of the game also features a unique leveling system. As players win games, they will advance in rank. A player starts out as a rookie, but eventually, they will reach higher levels like card shark or champion. There are 33 different ranks in all. But reaching the top won't be easy. Players only get two lives to start with, although they can earn more by leaving at least five cards in the deck at the end of the arcade card game.

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Overall, many players enjoy this version of TriTowers. Many enjoy the fast pace of the game, which is fairly rare for a solitaire game. Players don't have time to analyze every possible move with the timer counting down. The combo scores and different ranks add to the fun. The game's animations are pretty slick, too. While it would be great to see a few more options in the game, such as different sound effects, bonus cards, and arcade features, the game is still a lot of fun. Players who love solitaire games with a twist are sure to enjoy it.